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SAP Commerce Cloud

Today, People expect their connected experiences in physical spaces to be informed by their digital footprint— and vice versa. The relationship is increasingly demanding to stay relevant and personalized, all in real-time.

Omni Channel Commerce: Personalization for every niche

Personalization will be the top trend to focus on in 2022. Forrester predicts that 70% of marketers will take an “always on” approach to digital engagement in 2022, but “75% of efforts to create automated, personalized engagement won’t meet ROI goals because of inadequate buyer insight.”

SAP hybris

Novigo is committed to helping clients deliver best-in-class, differentiated and connected commerce experiences across the entire customer journey. In addition to Novigo’s expertise in Technology and Connected Commerce, our growing range of digital business capabilities, AI/ML related Expertise, Product Innovation, Service Design, and Orchestrated Services, complements Novigo’s services and strategy.

We are aware what you are looking for, whether you are a B2B or B2C , SAP Commerce Cloud has got the solution for all of your eCommerce needs. We have assisted some of the fortune 500 clients boost their brand loyalty and increased sales conversion by building their contextual, personalized, and relevant customer experiences.

Novigo can advise you on the business strategy, management consulting, and implementation of necessary innovations and help you integrate sustainable marketing technologies.

We partner with best-in-class companies that bring fresh thinking and innovative technology and services to speed digital transformation. Accelerators we build based on partner technology simplify and speed complex implementations, getting you to market with advanced technology faster, more efficiently. Our expertise integrating complex technology is matched by our skills in delivering digital experiences with the power to transform any business in every industry.



B2B & B2C Solution Capabilities

Product Recommendations & Personalization

Headless Commerce

Context Experience using Advanced Analytics

Platform Evaluations & recommendations

Loyalty Programs

Extended Integration with SAP Ecosystem

B2B Commerce Managed Services

ERP, CRM, OMS System Integration

Emerging Technology Inclusion - Voice, AR, VR, LiveStream

Our SAP Commerce Cloud Services

  • Product and Data Modelling with Customization
  • Backend development for B2B and B2C
  • Query Performance Management & Adaptive Search Fine Tuning
  • Search NLP Integration for more AI-driven search
  • Associated Product Recommendation Improvement with recommendation Engine & Finders Support
  • Payment Gateway Integration with third parties & Integration with existing SAP modules and CRM
  • Order Provenance
  • Customer Personalization Search Support
  • Solr Cloud Setup & Improvised default Hybris Solr configurations
  • Store maintenance, support, and migration

We don’t just implement or customize the platform based on your needs, Novigo often tend to leave its footprint with further possible innovation based on its vast experience & that’s what we would like to be known for!!!