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Darktrace AI interrupts in-progress cyber-attacks in seconds, including ransomware, email phishing, and threats to cloud environments and
critical infrastructure.

Darktrace Antigena: Autonomous Response to Cyberthreats

Autonomous Response operates as a dynamic, self-learning framework that decides the appropriate response to attacks in light of an evolving and far-reaching understanding of your unique digital environment.

With global threats moving to machine speed attacks, it is impossible for humans to respond on time to these automated attacks which are taking over the world. This calls for an AI based cybersecurity system, that can fight back for you, to protect the integrity of your networks, servers and digital assets.

With a strong team of experienced and certified professionals which augments our partnership with DarkTrace, Novigo can add value by enabling proper execution and operation of your cybersec projects and requirements. We bring on board the best of leadership, technical resources as well as cutting edge solutions, which can help our clients accelerate into the future, safely and securely, while we help secure your networks, as well as your digital resources and electronic communication channels.


Antigena Email

Antigena Email is a self-learning technology that neutralizes targeted email campaigns and impersonation attacks that evade the email gateway

Core use cases include:

Spear phishing and payload delivery - Neutralizes malicious links and attachments in targeted phisihing campaigns

Social Engineering - Responds to visually similar domains and solicitation attempts, even in clean mail without payloads

Supply chain risks - Recognizes and reacts to external account takeover and trusted contacts

Antigena Network

Antigena Network neutralizes novel attacks and insider threats across the corporate network and Internet of Things

Core use cases include:

Machine - speed ransomware - Contains novel strains of malware and ransomware before they can escalate.

Insider threat and account takeover - Interrupts malicious insiders and unexpected data loss.

IoT compromise - Stops attacks from spreading or exfiltrating critical data via IoT devices

Compliance - Can be configured to respond to non-complaint behaviour and connections


We were shocked by the things our traditional tools didn't catch that Antigena Email did.

Gabe Cotina, CTO, Bunim/ Murray Productions

I rely on Darktrace to be autonomous and just sit there, do its thing, and stop threats quickly. You could pay another person to sit there 24/7 and you still wouldn't get the same value, and that's especially true of Autonomous Response for cloud services and collaborations tools.

John Wager, Head of Technology and People, Saddleback

Antigena SaaS


Antigena SaaS neutralizes unpredictable attacks in cloud and collaboration tools.

Novigo’s partnership with Darktrace enables us to go over and above our current service offerings on SAAS solutions which we configure, build and deploy for our clients, to being able to secure these solutions using the best of emerging technologies in the Cybersecurity domain.

From Microsoft Teams to SharePoint, Antigena SaaS responds with surgical precision when trusted cloud accounts are being used carelessly or for malicious purposes. Unlike policy-based defences, the technology takes action in light of a multidimensional understanding of digital behaviour across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. This enables swift and targeted action that stops SaaS attacks while allowing normal business operations to continue unimpeded. Security operators investigating unusual SaaS activity can also trigger Darktrace Antigena actions directly as desired.

Core use cases include:​

  • Insider threat – Neutralizes admin abuse and insider data theft.
  • Compromised credentials – Surgically interrupts account takeovers and brute-force attacks.
  • Remote personnel risks – Stops accidental data loss, manipulation, and destruction.

We don’t just implement or customize the platform based on your needs, Novigo often tends to leave its footprint with further possible innovation based on its vast experience & that’s what we would like to be known for!!!