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Forms & Workflows

Novigo's unique SharePoint workflow automation framework brings together all important parts of the workflow including events, tasks, approvals, notifications into a single and powerful automation unit. This unit drives speed, improves collaboration and enhances coordination of the work processes in the organization. Tasks and calendars are made visible to all users within one intuitive window enabling workloads to be shared and efficiently managed. Our internally developed framework allows you to import data from any database and define workflows on top of it using an amicable User Interface. On Workflow completion, the status of the item can be updated back to the original data source.

Workflow Automation

Value Additions

Task Management

Significant Improvement in task management through inter-linking of priorities and timelines across the organization.

Clear Visibility

Management executive's can quickly see status of a process, identify roadblocks and adopt the necessary measures to rectify them.

Task and Approval Creation

Novigo's unique SharePoint workflow automation service provides for assignment of tasks and requests for approvals based on any parameters.

Instant Control & Agility

Control the way things work in your organization, change workflows to enhance efficiency and improve transparency within minutes.

Completely Customizable

One-Size-fits-all is not the right strategy in today's age. Novigo understands that every organization works differently and builds solution accordingly.

Fully Secure

Based on the nature of the workflow, Novigo provides multiple levels of security and user authentication for the protection of your organisation assets.

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